Does Trump care for Syrians or is it about his reputation?

The attack of United States to an airbase in Syria is more a political action to favor the derailed presidency of Donald Trump than a reaction to the chemical weapons attack that the regime of Bashar al-Assad launched against his own people.

Let’s be honest. Bashar al-Assad didn’t do anything different to change Trump’s opinion on him. The dictator of Syria has launched many chemical weapons against civilians in the past, and he has been killing innocent people for a long time, even during the last 2 months –during Trump’s presidency- striking schools and hospitals. Trump didn’t feel bad for those kids and those women; he didn’t feel bad for innocent Syrian refugees when he banned them; he didn’t apologize when he ordered an air strike in Mosul that killed 200 civilians including kids. He doesn’t care.

Donald Trump was in desperate need of a win, so he picked the easiest and most effective one.

Donald Trump had promised incredible victories for America and for himself; he said that we would win so much we would get tired of winning. But after two months in power he has been summing defeat after defeat, and his popularity is the lowest in history for a president of US at the beginning of the tenancy.

Attacking Syria with a justified cause is a safe bet.  Nobody is going to neither disagree nor protest. Everybody is going to applaud.

The world has been waiting for the United States to lead military actions against the regime of al-Assad. Obama failed to do it in 2013, when he didn’t get the approval of the majority of republicans and many democrats in congress. He opted for a negotiated solution and let a free highway for Russia to take over supporting al-Assad.

By attacking Syria, Trump complies the debt Obama left there, but he also accomplish something most important for himself: Trump has changed the conversation that was hurting his presidency.  At least for a few days nobody is going to talk about his failure to negotiate a health care reform with his own party, and most important, nobody is going to talk about the connection of his campaign with Russia.

Trump is attacking one of the main allies of Russia in Middle East, so we could say that he is somehow attacking Russia.

The action is perfect to dissipate the smoke of his connection with Putin. Donald Trump has been unable to dodge the attention over the obvious links between his campaign and Russia. He failed trying to put the attention on his unsupported allegations against Obama for wiretapping him, and failed trying to put the attention on the massive liking of classified information. All the noise he made before failed.

But this time he is attacking Russia to demonstrate he is not linked to any Russian interest, and this time it may look credible.

The reality is that this strike against Syria is not going to hurt the relations between USA/Trump and Russia. We will see protest and threatens from Moscow, but we will not see retaliations. It is more likely to see Russia, Syria, and the United States reaching an agreement that compromises Bashar al-Assad to be a good guy than having Russia or Syria taking military or diplomatic actions against United States.

Trump got a sounding wining, a dangerous one. He now knows that throwing bombs away is an easy way to attain political victories.

Scary: Donald Trump shows himself as President in two twits

Donald Trump  retrieved the control of his Twitter account after more than a week and posted 2 messages that can give us a hint of the kind of president we are about to have.

Trump´s campaign members managed his Twitter during the last week of the presidential race to make sure he didn’t send unappropriated twits at 3 am or during the spare time of the campaigning.  He recovered it after his first long day as elected president and only took a few minutes to show his two faces: the presidential one and the most scary.

His first Twit at 9 pm was conciliatory. It went in the same mood of his speech after wining the election and the words after meeting Obama in the White House. “A fantastic day in D.C. Met with President Obama for first time. Really good meeting, great chemistry. Melania liked Mrs. O”, wrote in his first twit as elected President.

Few minutes later, he was himself again. Trump the divider, the grumbler. “Just had a very open and successful presidential election. Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!”, wrote the @RealDonalTrump.

The same man that promised to be the president of all Americans intends to discredit half of the Americans even before taking over the presidency.

Trump created the injuries that are bleeding now by attacking immigrants and black people, and it is on him to heal them. As a President, Trump has to understand what the people are feeling, not to blame them.

People are grieving because they are scared. They fear they can be deported for being immigrants, banned for being Muslim, jailed for being black, unattended because they won’t have insurance or rejected for their sexual orientation. They are not making this up, their fear comes from his own words. They are not incited by the media, they are incited by the anger of Trump’s words. The same anger we saw today when white supremacist threatened Muslims, African American, Hispanics and even Asians in schools and colleges.

Trump has to learn that from now on, all the blame is on him. It is not transferable. It is not the media or the congress or the opposition. If the debt goes higher and the dollar lower it will be his fault; if somebody dies outside of a hospital because they don’t have insurance or because a crazy person shoots them in the name of any God, it is going to be his responsibility. If an America soldier or citizen is attacked outside of the United States, Trump will be carrying part of the blame. Any unemployed has to blame Trump from January on, no matter if he has been looking for a job for the last 6 month or if he was just fired.

President Trump doesn’t have the right to accuse anybody else. If he doesn’t agree, he just has to remember who he blamed for terrorist attacks inside and outside the United States, for policemen killing black people and for black people protesting, for businesses producing overseas, or ISIS terrorizing the Middle East.

Trump talked about a wrecked America and blamed Obama for everything bad. He promised to make America great again, so it is his time to work and show us what he had in mind. His time for complaining is over.

Note: Next day -after this blog was written- Trump, or maybe an adviser, sent a new message in Twitter conciliating with the protesters. Mr Hide went to sleep and Dr Jekyll came back.


Healthy economy vs. unhealthy politicians

Fridays have become the day of surprises in the United States’ elections. On a Friday we learned about the “locker room’ conversation of Donald Trump, Wikileaks started dumping emails of John Podesta, and also James Comey announced further investigations by FBI on the emails of the candidate of the Democratic Party. Today, last Friday before the election, we have good news that the media have left aside.

The last report of the employment in USA shows the unemployment has fell to 4.9% from 5%, 0.10 points below the last report. In October payrolls increased by 161,000 new jobs and the salaries also grew by an average of 2.8%, which indicates a growth in quality jobs.

These salary rates are lower in States like Iowa (2.1 percent), Florida (1.9 percent), Pennsylvania (1.9 percent), Maine (0.6 percent), Nevada (0.3 percent) and Colorado (0.9 percent).

Another good symptom of the economy is the decrease of people giving up looking for a job or working part time which is 9.5%, the lowest since 2008.

However, Republicans and Democrats are arguing whether the glass is half empty or half full. Republicans say that the growth is slowing down compared to the average of 225,000 jobs per month during 2015, which they also criticized in the past, but Democrats defend saying that is a normal tendency as the labor market nears full employment, and c much better compared to the 6% unemployment rate that Republicans promised in 2012.

Federal Reserves will keep rates but hints that it could be ready to raise it in December, something many economist see as an important decision to definitely boost the economy.

Everything can change after November 8th with a candidate aiming to reinforce the current path and another promising to repeal everything that has been done in the past 8 years.


When Solar Energy burns… or voting NO against Amendment #1 in Florida

Maybe you think that the US Election is going crazy and voting in 2106 is unease, but if you vote in Florida that strange feeling is going to be duplicated when you see the whole ballot.

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The enemies of Donald Trump

If you don´t have a strong idea, you better find a strong enemy to fight against. This strategy has rocketed Donald Trump during his fast and surprising raise into the political scenario.

The model is not new, Hugo Chavez successfully used it in Venezuela and Castro brothers have kept the power in Cuba for almost 60 years by creating the fantasy of a dangerous enemy.

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