Healthy economy vs. unhealthy politicians

Fridays have become the day of surprises in the United States’ elections. On a Friday we learned about the “locker room’ conversation of Donald Trump, Wikileaks started dumping emails of John Podesta, and also James Comey announced further investigations by FBI on the emails of the candidate of the Democratic Party. Today, last Friday before the election, we have good news that the media have left aside.

The last report of the employment in USA shows the unemployment has fell to 4.9% from 5%, 0.10 points below the last report. In October payrolls increased by 161,000 new jobs and the salaries also grew by an average of 2.8%, which indicates a growth in quality jobs.

These salary rates are lower in States like Iowa (2.1 percent), Florida (1.9 percent), Pennsylvania (1.9 percent), Maine (0.6 percent), Nevada (0.3 percent) and Colorado (0.9 percent).

Another good symptom of the economy is the decrease of people giving up looking for a job or working part time which is 9.5%, the lowest since 2008.

However, Republicans and Democrats are arguing whether the glass is half empty or half full. Republicans say that the growth is slowing down compared to the average of 225,000 jobs per month during 2015, which they also criticized in the past, but Democrats defend saying that is a normal tendency as the labor market nears full employment, and c much better compared to the 6% unemployment rate that Republicans promised in 2012.

Federal Reserves will keep rates but hints that it could be ready to raise it in December, something many economist see as an important decision to definitely boost the economy.

Everything can change after November 8th with a candidate aiming to reinforce the current path and another promising to repeal everything that has been done in the past 8 years.


When Solar Energy burns… or voting NO against Amendment #1 in Florida

Maybe you think that the US Election is going crazy and voting in 2106 is unease, but if you vote in Florida that strange feeling is going to be duplicated when you see the whole ballot.

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Cuando la energia solar te puede quemar, o mejor vota NO contra la enmienda 1 en Florida

Si para la gran mayoría de los estadounidenses estas elecciones resultan complicadas y el voto les hace sentir incómodos, para los floridanos ese extraño sentimiento se va a duplicar cuando miren por primera vez la totalidad de la papeleta de votación.

Si ya es malo tener que elegir entre los dos candidatos más impopulares de la historia de Estados Unidos -aunque Trump más que un candidato es una amenaza-, cuando los votantes de Florida lean la propuesta de enmienda constitucional número 1  (Amendment #1) sentirán un inmenso desconcierto que aumentará infinitesimalmente si tienen tiempo e interés en saber de qué se trata. Intentaré explicarlo, si acaso es posible.

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The enemies of Donald Trump

If you don´t have a strong idea, you better find a strong enemy to fight against. This strategy has rocketed Donald Trump during his fast and surprising raise into the political scenario.

The model is not new, Hugo Chavez successfully used it in Venezuela and Castro brothers have kept the power in Cuba for almost 60 years by creating the fantasy of a dangerous enemy.

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