Scary: Donald Trump shows himself as President in two twits

Donald Trump  retrieved the control of his Twitter account after more than a week and posted 2 messages that can give us a hint of the kind of president we are about to have.

Trump´s campaign members managed his Twitter during the last week of the presidential race to make sure he didn’t send unappropriated twits at 3 am or during the spare time of the campaigning.  He recovered it after his first long day as elected president and only took a few minutes to show his two faces: the presidential one and the most scary.

His first Twit at 9 pm was conciliatory. It went in the same mood of his speech after wining the election and the words after meeting Obama in the White House. “A fantastic day in D.C. Met with President Obama for first time. Really good meeting, great chemistry. Melania liked Mrs. O”, wrote in his first twit as elected President.

Few minutes later, he was himself again. Trump the divider, the grumbler. “Just had a very open and successful presidential election. Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!”, wrote the @RealDonalTrump.

The same man that promised to be the president of all Americans intends to discredit half of the Americans even before taking over the presidency.

Trump created the injuries that are bleeding now by attacking immigrants and black people, and it is on him to heal them. As a President, Trump has to understand what the people are feeling, not to blame them.

People are grieving because they are scared. They fear they can be deported for being immigrants, banned for being Muslim, jailed for being black, unattended because they won’t have insurance or rejected for their sexual orientation. They are not making this up, their fear comes from his own words. They are not incited by the media, they are incited by the anger of Trump’s words. The same anger we saw today when white supremacist threatened Muslims, African American, Hispanics and even Asians in schools and colleges.

Trump has to learn that from now on, all the blame is on him. It is not transferable. It is not the media or the congress or the opposition. If the debt goes higher and the dollar lower it will be his fault; if somebody dies outside of a hospital because they don’t have insurance or because a crazy person shoots them in the name of any God, it is going to be his responsibility. If an America soldier or citizen is attacked outside of the United States, Trump will be carrying part of the blame. Any unemployed has to blame Trump from January on, no matter if he has been looking for a job for the last 6 month or if he was just fired.

President Trump doesn’t have the right to accuse anybody else. If he doesn’t agree, he just has to remember who he blamed for terrorist attacks inside and outside the United States, for policemen killing black people and for black people protesting, for businesses producing overseas, or ISIS terrorizing the Middle East.

Trump talked about a wrecked America and blamed Obama for everything bad. He promised to make America great again, so it is his time to work and show us what he had in mind. His time for complaining is over.

Note: Next day -after this blog was written- Trump, or maybe an adviser, sent a new message in Twitter conciliating with the protesters. Mr Hide went to sleep and Dr Jekyll came back.


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